Thursday, January 24, 2008

january freeze

The weatherman said it'll be 3 degrees tonight. There's a fire crackling in the fireplace, but it's still too cold for me.
I've posted a few new pictures. They're aprons I made for my sister and sisters in law.
We're preparing for a big wedding in New York! Can't wait to go, it'll be great to see everyone -- and the kids are geeked because we told them they can drink as much soda as they want that night. Bedsheets beware!
My 9-year-old son told me last night that Brittany Spears is not a good role model because there's a picture of her smoking. I guess of all the pictures of Spears available, I'm glad he saw the one of her smoking. Whew! Another lengthy and extremely itchy conversation avoided. Hopefully his innocence will last though the next super star's rise and fall.
There's lots to do for work and home this weekend. More will likely be work, yuck-o. Ah well, this too shall pass.
Then, I'm on to finish the aprons for our former babysitter-turned-cake-decorating-shop-owner, Kelly. I can't wait to see how they turn out. One's almost done. It's my own pattern -- like the little girls' ones. The other is a throw-back pattern from the 1940's, as close as I've been able to trace. It's cut on the bias for a 'nice drape,' not sure the wire, headless mannequin will appreciate it. I will.
Until next time, enjoy the photos.


ancasey said...

Love my apron Eileen!!! Looking forward to seeing you guys :)

rsc44 said...

beaner, thanks for the winter warm blanket, it is getting a ton of usage in the cold confines at Carlton Road. Gotta keep that heat turned down, you think I would have shaken this horrible inbred complusion by now (just put another sweater, blanket, thermal underwear, winter hat and gloves on, you'll be fine). oh well mary's legacy will live on. we'll talk soon.

Kelly said...

Eileen - You are so talented. Thanks for the Xmas basket and aprons!

Anonymous said...

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