Thursday, October 31, 2013

bloggers quilt festival

I'm linking to Blogger's Quilt Festival ... always so much fun to see what other people are quilting. It's totally inspiring and makes me continually wish for more hours in the day (ones specifically for quilting, no eating, practices, rides, work or grocery shopping). I'm entering this in the two-color quilt category ...

This quilt was a quick start and finish and I have to say it might become my go-to, need a quilt in a hurry. This one is for an auction to benefit scholarships in the college where I work. Hopefully, it will bring in some decent money. It's one of those things where I want to know how much it brings it, but only if it brings in a good sum ... you know, I only want the good news!

I chose a variety of greens from my stash and paired them with Kona snow. It's great to use fabrics you have (that you may have forgotten about) and remember how much you loved them. This one's green and white because I work at Michigan State. Also, good colors. Sometimes green and white in a quilt can get funky ... it's not like red and white or blue and white, but I'm really happy with how this turned out.

My pal, Wendy, did the machine quilting ... an all-over design. It's a twin-sized quilt.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's work in the Blogger's Quilt Festival. Thanks for visiting.

PS I'm just realizing now that this is my 198th post. Only a couple more until 200. I think I should do a super-awesome give-a-way, don't you?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

arithmetic, plus ... but not math

 I'm doing this post in a rush ... as I seem to be doing many things lately. School has started and all the activities that come with it (for me that means mostly driving here, there and everywhere; making doubly sure people have clean underwear -- and are wearing it; and making sure there's food to eat ... AND, working).

I've managed to finish up this baby which turned out WAY bigger than I intended -- let's just say editing fabrics out isn't my strong suit.

The pattern is by Jeni Baker of In Color Order. And the fabric is Laura Gunn of Paint in My Hair. I quilted this in a quilt as you go method that's described in my friend, Beth Donaldson's book (Block by Block).

My apologies about the picture being sideways ... I've been taking pictures with my phone (I know, not the best thing to do) and it always turns them. Weird.

I'm off to a football game ... in the rain. (Only moms do that, right?)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wow, now that's a hiatus.

There literally aren't words to say how embarrassing it is that I haven't blogged since February. It's July (nearly August).

Welp, so goes it, eh? With three kids involved in different sports, a couple of part-time jobs and a 'part-time' aka full-time day job, life is never boring. Catching our breath would be nice ... so that's what I'm hoping August will be, a time to relax and rejuvenate, and rest. It's never my favorite month, but here's hoping it can be.

I've also been on Instagram (@beanieg0313) a ton, and am finding loads of inspiration there.

A couple lot of pictures of what I've worked on since February quilts follow:

 This is by far my favorite WIP. The fabric is by Alison Glass (print) and Wendy Paskus (solids). Makes me happy every time I work on it. That's why I'm keeping it for me!

 My lovely sister got married this month and since I've made quilts for her and her hubby, I decided to take it easy and make them 'not quite matching' pillow cases. My sister and I like to camp the same way: indoors sleeping on beds, preferably with a glass of wine!

I made this ring bearer's pillow for my sister's wedding.

Quilt for my brother Bob. Part of a 'brother's project' that I'm hoping to complete by the end of the year ... which is approaching faster than I thought. Sheesh.

One of the three sets of curtains I made for my brother, Dennis, and his gal, Laura.

Stencil for fabric for a project with Wendy that makes my brain hurt but will be super cool.

Wedding signature quilt for a friend. She used to babysit my kiddos ... 

A bit of a fail here on a Kindle case ... I sent it to my niece for her birthday for her iPad.

I made three of these babies since they've been cut out since forever! One for a friend who moved on to another job, and two to a fellow redheaded friend who has a great business in town.

Pillow shams for the lake house. Quilt to go with this is in progress. Since I insist on quilting it myself, it's taking longer than I hoped (not to mention all the other projects I have going).

 These were in my head, so I just had to make them. Of course I have a million vintage sheets ready to go, just need to eek out some more days in the week to do these!

This is a wall hanging (formerly a possible quilt) that I did from a pattern developed by my quilty friend Bonnie. I had about two seams to go. It's quilted and bound, and will be hung in one of the bathrooms at the lake ...

A special project that is top on the list of getting done for a friend whose husband died. I've made quilts from her husband's clothing. Two for his children and now I'm working on hers. 
I'll blog more on this later (not next February).

It's not that I haven't been sewing ... I just haven't been blogging. Thanks for reading.

Monday, February 11, 2013

a girl and her quilts

Ana has a new quilt for her bed at the lake.

It's the same color scheme as her baby quilt that was made by my mom. It became (and still is) her blankie.

She loves it the old one.

And the new one is growing on her.

My pal, Wendy, quilted it. And, as usual, it looks great.

I'm not loving that the purples don't match exactly but I love that I didn't buy any new 
fabric for this (okay, maybe for the back). And the bluish purples will be under 
the pillow and at the end of the mattress.

Pattern is Chasing Windmills. Really easy.