Sunday, July 27, 2008

they're baaack

the kiddos are back ... are they ever! arguing, needing, messing up ... I can't believe how much I missed them!

I didn't get nearly the work done on the homefront that I had hoped. Luckily, that work hasn't gone anywhere. Just landed a second freelancing job (from my old job) and it's a tight deadline (for a WHOLE magazine), so the crafty projects may be on a brief hiatus.

I've posted pics of a mom & me apron set that I made for a friend's son's wife and daughter (follow? good). The pattern is from a vintage apron that I traced, then added the ruffle. The fabric makes it.

Went to a garage sale where the only thing they were selling was fabric -- 40 years worth of fabric. Naturally, you start to wonder what your sale will look like after a billion years of buying fabric and stuff. (Notice I didn't say that I'll be giving up purchasing fabric ... because I WON'T, never ever.) Just hope that I outlive Matt because he'll curse me in my grave if he has to organize a sale like that.


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