Monday, September 22, 2008

can it be?

fall already? Although it feels like my life is fall-ing apart, or at least everything I'm involved in. At work, my client is crazy and a friend is resigning; at home, my kids are being punky; at volunteering (PTA) the president resigned and left me all alone with more crazy people. ARRH. I want to quit my job, move to an island and home or 'island' school my kids. What would be wrong with that? I haven't done anything creative unless you count trying to figure out how to deal with crazy clients and people -- really, does it require strategy to be honest with people? The answer, evidently, is yes -- it does. So much for my Pollyanna world where people are decent to each other, follow up on their commitments and trust each other ... hmmm, what a wonderful world it would be.

Here's the good part: My SIL took some great pics of my kids. Posted here They are really great pictures and everytime I see them, I know why I'm here. I guess they still need to eat dinner, even if they don't need me to change diapers anymore.


Ashley said...

Eileen, this is Ashley, Linda Kuhlman's daughter. I don't know if you remember me...but I love your blog!

I have 3 kids (boy, girl, boy) now too, and am working (ARGH!).

Write me anytime at I can always use an excuse to take a break. =)

Have a great day

Andrea Casey Photography said...

Glad you like the photos! I am going to get a bunch together from the weeked and hopefully give it to you when we see you in a couple weeks!!!! Can't wait to see everyone :)

rsc44 said...

Whoa slow down there big sis, just sounds like you're dealing with the world that the rest of us are livin' in..clients, bosses, spouses, kids.. doesn't leave a ton of time for being creative, unless you consider creating new ways to get your kids to bathe, pick-up toys, get co-workers to perform simple tasks, make clients understand that their wrong without making them feel dumb, and the six year-old to brush his teeth creative. remember you are life!

We'll see ya next weekend looking forward to getting Coasta to smile and talk with his uncle. Love ya!