Tuesday, September 2, 2008

first day of school

whew! That's what I thought I'd be saying today after the kids left, and truthfully, there's a little part of me that's a bit giddy ... then there's the other part -- the mommy who's crying because everyone's in school now.

Not for nothing, but it's way harder than I thought. First of all, you've got to squeeze back into the mom-appropriate clothing and when it's 90, you really feel like wearing your nightie (I would never embarrass my kids that way). Then you drop your little bugs off with a hug and a kiss with the assurance that everything will be fine ... you'll make friends, your teacher will be nice, you look great, you'll learn how to do that ...

I don't know the answers to these questions, but some part of me smiles and says it'll all work out. The other part of me is screaming ... What if it doesn't? I know, grow up. It will be fine.

Anyway, there's still laundry to fold ...

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