Friday, October 3, 2008

quick notes

Lots going on around town this week -- Mr. Obama in town, Extreme Home Makeover in town, visitors last weekend, visit-ING next weekend, Dino Dash and big homecoming game this weekend. ALL have been, or will be LOTS of fun, for sure.

Had some time to make the last of the lunch sacks for the kiddos. And they all love 'em (so do the other kids in their classes). Pictures over there ... (OR not, didn't download with the other pics. I'll put 'em on later this week.)

Just me and the boyz tonite with girlie girl at a sleepover. We've been reading Little House on the Prairie books at our house, and I think we're even having a Laura Ingalls for Halloween. TC says he's going to be Charlie Brown and CM says storm trooper, or something like that. I can't make that costume.

We'll have to get out and do the costume shopping SOON. Dino Dash is Sunday -- my first 5K ever (and I'm getting a cold); CM & AK are doing the 1mile run and TC is doing a 100-yard dash. Everyone gets a medal (I'm relieved about that, because no training = fat butt and no good finish). Let's just hope I get to the race without a temperature.

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