Wednesday, November 12, 2008

cup of tea, bags and blogging

First, I'll apologize for not posting in more than a month! Ah, can it really be that long? Sorry, life just gets away from me sometimes.

Today, I'm posting pictures of the 13 purses I made in hopes that the kids' elementary school was going to do the craft show they were promising in December. Turns out, there's not enough time to get the word out to crafters & artists, so they'll shoot for the spring ... maybe.

I've got enough purses to choke a horse ... simply an expression. I don't know any horses, nor do I mean them any ill will.

What am I gonna do now? I suppose I could actually start the etsy account I've been talking about doing after the first of the year. Hubby suggested I give 'em as Christmas gifts ... so if you get one and you saw it here, just act surprised!

Have a great day!

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