Tuesday, December 16, 2008

surprises ... and ordinary days

I received a call today from my high school about a post I wrote earlier this year about Father Dave Scheider. They're moving on a 4-color magazine and he'll be the premiere issue -- he would be humbled, I'm sure.

No shopping done yet; scheduled for Thursday afternoon. And the kiddos are hoping for a snow day tomorrow. Can I just say ... NOOOOOOO! No offense, but they're completely nuts with the impending holiday and the craziness that comes with it. If I counted the number of times I've threatened that Santa won't come, I'd still be counting.

Our piano teacher was so thrilled with her purse today. She was giddy! I love Lizzy so much. She's always happy to see you. And she thinks my kids are brilliant (I'm not arguing). Now, if they would just practice a little bit more -- like at all!!

Pretty snow falling tonight ... pretty darn cold in our house tho.

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