Saturday, December 6, 2008

winter wonderland

Although this picture is not mine (my SIL took it since she's an awesome photographer -- see her work at it helps make the snow that's pouring out of the sky seem romantic, or nice. It's colder than January here today and will be for the next week or two, makes all that Christmas shopping I have to do a chore. Tho staying home with the kids all day might be a bit more of a chore!

My sister's selling the purses in Oak Park today and hopefully it's going well. The weather forecast was for MUCH snow on the west coast and since I'd have to drive thru it, that might not be pretty. I'll be finishing up a few more purses, then starting some Christmas gift aprons for my friend Iris with three daughters.

Looking forward to getting the tree this weekend too. Hopefully we can find one that's not too Charlie Brown!

Have a great day!

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