Tuesday, January 20, 2009

150% right ... hope

It's a new day, and that's pretty darn exciting but just for the record my mom was 150% right. A few years ago, she called and said that Barack Obama would be president. My response was: Who? What are you talking about?
There she goes, right again.
Right or not, change is afoot. My son, who openly supported John McCain, (based on dual and opposing signs in our yard all fall) made sure he recorded the Inaugural coverage just in case he missed it at school. I didn't remind him, or prod him to watch it. He just did it.
I think that's what President Obama is talking about -- just do it. Just get involved. If a 10 year old can get involved just by watching the coverage, maybe we can do a bit more.
Maybe it means cutting the household budget; or saying no to the greed that surfaces in all of us; or reaching out a bit more -- even when it's uncomfortable. It's about working hard and maybe never seeing the reward.
Maybe it is about being hopeful in the midst of darkness. Hope is a pretty powerful tool and at least one man thinks it might work.
Turns out my mom isn't the only one who's 150% right.

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