Wednesday, January 7, 2009

happy new year

All the new year's posts that I've read are littered with resolutions -- and not to throw a wrench in the works, or rant too much -- I wonder what's the point?

I make the same resolutions every year -- lose 30 pounds (hey, at least it hasn't increased!!!); sew more quilts; get a different job; be nicer to my kids and husband (without any wine); be more frugal; and make healthier meals for my family (aka cook more at home) and write more. (NB: Things NOT listed here -- buy more fabric, shop more, drink less, become a workout queen.)
So there. I just did it, again.

So far, I'm doing pretty well. I finished hand piecing a bunch of quilt blocks that I've had together forever. I did NOT make chocolate chip cookies today. I DID make spaghetti sauce for tomorrow's birthday dinner. I DID some yoga and shoveled the driveway. And I was nice to my kids ... Is this confession or what? Resolutions complete; day one.

We enjoyed the new year in Florida this year with 80+ degrees, the pool and the beach. Is there really anything else that we need? It made everyone smile ... Until next time!

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