ode to Pete

I have officially become aware of the fact that one of my five brothers (yes, five -- get over it) LOVES my blog. In fact, he couldn't stop talking about it when a friend of mine was at his office.

Personally, I question whether he LOVES it or loves to MAKE FUN of it. Regardless, thanks for the love, Pete, and in your honor ... a little ode:
An Ode to Pete

Little Pete when you were born and I was ten (okay, I was eleven, but that won't work)
We thought it fun to have a new friend,

And then you grew and talk, talk, talk,
Way before you could even WALK!

So smart was he, could it really be
That he, in fact, was a Casey?

Confirmation, that for sure
When beers disappeared as in folklore.

Marriage, the law and family await
As Lauren is his sure soul mate.

For nothing could really be sweeter,
Than Pete loves Lauren and Lauren loves Peter.

Don't make fun of Beanie's blog, as I lament
Just use the button and leave a comment!


Anonymous said…
Ahh, sweet revenge for you Eileen. Very creative indeed. Now this Ode (and it's focus) are truly worthy of blogging! However, I still cannot condone the blogging of family flu bugs or trips to the grocery store. Have a great weekend of average events that we will surely see on the blog next week! - Pete
andrea Casey said…
so cute!!!
I like the photo too ;)
K@pddoc.com said…
brothers can be pretty neat sometimes - I had 8 of them - 6 are still with us and even though I don't see them very often as we are all spread out I think of them often!

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