Thursday, January 29, 2009

table topper from mom

This is a great table topper that my mom made for me for Christmas, okay she made it for our family, but I'm the one who appreciates it. It's been on our front table for almost a week without any hockey helmets, swim goggles or junk mail landing on top of it --- I believe in miracles!

My mom is a great quilter who truly loves the sport (hey, it could be a sport). She has different fabric tastes than I do, but we appreciate the skills and art involved.

This week I delievered blocks to Daisy for a couple of raffle quilts. The pattern inspired me to begin cutting 1-1/2 inch strips of all the fabric I touch for a future project. Needless to say, my stash does not look like Amanda's at I would love it to and possibly feeling motivated to do some sorting ... have to finish a few things first.

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amandajean said...

that table runner is fantastic! i love how graphic it looks with the trees on their sides. so fun!