Thursday, February 5, 2009

new fabric

It's hard to contain myself when the package comes in the mail ... I ordered, and today received, some new fabric. And I LOVE it. It's become apparent that my brain does not love solid colors and I evidently do not purchase them unless it's very calculated.
The first one is a cool one called Carnival Bloom (anna maria horner used it on a cool bag). In fact, I think a couple of these fabrics are hers.
I had, HAD to purchase the green on white, brown on white and white on brown because they're called Casey Scroll by Jennifer Paganelli. My maiden name is Casey ... so you see the obvious need for the fabric, duh.
I got all these from jcaroline creative. She's awesome and she always has good stuff on her blog. Can't wait for the backorders.
And for those of you wondering what I'll do with the fabric ... for right now, I'm looking at it and it's making me very happy. It might become some aprons, or go into a yet to be designed quilt.
Happy Fabric Day!!

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quiltinlikecrazy said...

I'm with you when it comes to the solids. I LOVE prints. I will use solids and in certain quilts they really make the prints pop. I like your choices. Thanks for stopping by it's very fun to meet new people.