Tuesday, February 24, 2009

spring cleaning

I've been cleaning up bits here and there ... closets, bedrooms and fabric too. I know, scary.

I actually got rid of the sock basket in my house this week. Sock baskets are a family tradition -- can't find a match? Check the sock basket. Need something to dust the furniture? Check the sock basket. Want to make a cute little doggie puppet? Check the sock basket.

No more sock basket in our house. If you can't find two that match ... pitch the other one.

I'm starting to get to the point -- with my fabric -- that I've got too much of too many different kinds. So I cleaned out the scrap bin -- thanks to some tips from crazy mom quilts. Next up is the overwhelming closet and dressers (yes, there are two).
I'll do the before and after pictures of the sewing room as I get through it, but working on the scraps in the photos here has inspired me.

AND, I'm giving up buying fabric -- at least for Lent -- and probably a bit longer. So I did a quick Joanns run today for some solids -- only 2, and a few fat quarters (who doesn't need a few more fats?).
All pics in this post courtesy of anakate. Thanks, dolly.

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heather said...

Looks great. I need to do a little cleaning myself!! I'm using up some of my scraps in the challenge though. I need to clean up more!! My sister like to organize I should see if she would want to get me going. (she has offered) I might need to take her up on it.:) Have a great day. I also wanted to mention that if you have fabric in your stash and wanted to show me pictures for that purse/bag if you still wanted we could go that way too. It's up to you. Have a great day.