Friday, March 6, 2009

recycling ... keep it green

I've been thinking a lot about recycling lately. Probably because I've been cleaning out stuff that should've never been purchased in the first place ... yeah, I'm a shopper.
Let me just start by saying that the recycling in our town stinks, so you really have to make an effort to do the rest on your own. We started recycling boxboard at our house about six months ago and it's cut our garbage by a third.
I was officially not purchasing juice pouches for a while because I have a hoard of used, cleaned ones that will someday be lunch bags like these. My kids use these almost every day and they have since the beginning of the school year. No one else has 'em, so they're easy to locate and hard to leave at school.
My oldest came home after reluctantly bringing it to school the first time and deemed them cool since his friends were envious. I've only purchased brown lunch bags once this year, and still have the stash. I guess that helps, right?
As I tackle my sewing room this weekend to do an honest-to-goodness cleaning (read clean out and get rid of some fabric). I'm wondering what should I do with the fabric I don't want or won't use? Any ideas?
If you want one of these cool lunch sacks, leave me a comment. I'll choose one at random on Wednesday, March 11 from the comments left here.


Carol Sc said...

I agree with the difficulty in recycling in this town --- at last, finally, they are taking boxboard at both Granger and East Lansing Recycling --- now, if only I could find a place for the styrofoam!!! I no longer have a need to purchase juice boxes, but your bags look neat!

andrea casey said...

They look great and so fun for the kids!
As for your fabric... if you have any damask ...lemme know :)

Phyllis said...

I always took styrofoam to Dart in Mason (Carol). They have 2 big sheds for collection. I know that's not convenient, but is possible.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, me! Pick me!

Anonymous said...

Oh, please pick me!! I know that one of my nephews would just love a kool lunch bag. I applaud your recycling. Personally, I think it is easy to recyle in Lansing. Most everything is picked up at the curb and lots of other things can be left at Granger or East Lansing recycling which are close by. I store most of mine in my garage and when I have a trunk load, I make a trip. I keep an eye out for the styrofoam and other recycling events and usually share making the deliveries with friends. I have a pile of styrofoam waiting for an upcoming event. Louise M. would like your extra fabric. I have been gifting her with a bag every time I see her. Cyndee

rachel griffith said...

SUPER cute bags.
i saw that i had someone come to my blog, via your i thought i'd come say hi.

have a great day!!!

Linda said...

Love the lunch can teach us how to make them at Quilting by the Lake in April. Meanwhile.......fabric goes to Louise - she makes LOTS of quilts for charity.

Chris said...

Very cool!! Sarah thought they were cute. You did a great job. I went out and bought lunch pouches, let me know how you made them. Love... Aunt Chris

Carolyn G said...

These are so cute and clever. What a great way to recycle!! I love them.

Kristina said...

What a great idea! I'd seen these made into proper purses and such, but that always seemed like too formal a use for such colorful (and maybe even gaudy?) things. Lunch sacks look great.

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