Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day

What words do you say about the woman who put a Band-aid on your skinned knee? She wiped your face, listened to your dumb jokes and way out dreams; found all the right words – even if they stung – and mended your broken heart all at once.

She’s the one who taught you to read, tie your shoe and got you up at night so you wouldn’t wet the bed. She changed the sheets without a word when you did. She packed your lunches, made your dinner and somehow, in all those chaotic piles, managed to make sure your uniform, favorite outfit or jeans were always clean when you needed them.

She answered the phone in the middle of the night and said I’ll be right there … even if it meant a plane trip, or several hours in the car. She hauled boxes up three flights of stairs in August to the college you couldn’t wait to get to … and always made the bed before she left, with both of you in tears.

She fussed over dinners and parties and special lunches just because of you, or something you did. She made sure everyone was dressed to impress and somehow always found that shoe that no one had seen since the last special occasion.

She walked you up the aisle with tears in her eyes. She showed you how to stay together, or told you when to leave. She held her grandchildren in her arms and kissed them sweetly on the cheek, vowing to see them married with children of their own.

She welcomes the daily, weekly or monthly calls, visits or cards wondering what new worry she’ll have next. And the worries don’t subside – skinned knees, homework, tests, health, marriage, divorce, jobs, money or love. She somehow has taken them all in stride, combined them with love, relationships and growth and turned them into a life.

And all of it started with just a little bitty baby and a skinned knee.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I couldn’t have picked a better mom than you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bean. It has brought me greater joy than I could have ever imagined. Love you.

Carol Sc said...

Beanie g: ...and, now you are doing the same thing! I think you had a great example! Bottom line, as a mother, you never quit praying, worrying or trying to make it all better!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bean - What a great tribute to your Mom. I am so proud to be her sister. She has been like a Mom to all her brothers and sisters as well. We love her very much.

Anonymous said...

beautifully said ... made me cry - thanks for sharing it.

you are a great mom, and for the past four years you have been my 'mentor mom' -
thanks for that!