Monday, August 31, 2009

happy birthday, dad

(Sorry for the poor camera work ... maybe I had too much wine that night?)

September 1 is my father's birthday. He's 64 and he will tell you himself that he's already been around a whole lot longer than he thought he would.

My dad's one of those guys who doesn't pop into the front of the picture very often (although you'd never know it from this video).

He's fiercely loyal and excessively forgetful. He loves his family more than anyone I know. He's more proud of each one of us -- and our kids, or chickens, as he calls his grandchildren, -- than anyone should be.

He's never used a computer, so my mom will have to show him this post. My dad can tell a story that would make your hair curl ... doesn't matter if it's true or not. According to my dad, he's been smoking since he was 7, that's second grade. Not likely, but it's a good story to hear him tell it. (Probably easier to smoke with the hole left by the teeth you lost, eh?)

My dad is a hard worker and that's probably where we all get our insane work ethic from. If it's work, my dad has done it. If it's work, we'll adjust our schedules to be there.

I'm so happy that my dad gets to enjoy some retirement (aka time to actually DO the to do list), visit his grandchildren -- who think he's hilarious, and take some time to have some ice cream.

Happy Birthday, Dad.


Carol Sc said...

I'm laughing --- has the kitchen become the Church?! Happy Birthday to your Dad --- and may he have many years to enjoy his family. It is a blessing, we don't always appreciate, to have parents that teach us, by example, the truly important things in life. It's obvious that you have been so blest.

Kelly said...

Happy Bday TC- what a guy!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love it! Thomas is hysterical trying to copy gpa. That's what our job is a grandparent, to set examples for our grandkids. Lisa

andrea Casey said...

laughing my but off!!!!!!!