Saturday, August 8, 2009

summer fun

We spent a week in New York with our families ... enjoying a parade, festival, high school reunion, bridal shower and lots of visiting with parents, siblings and cousins. It was tons of fun, and we had to answer the question -- Why can't we live closer to everyone???

Finished this quilt and it's hanging in our bathroom. Goes with the vintage blue toilet and sink and the slate floor.
I just finished organizing and cleaning my sewing room, so I'll do some photos and post here soon. Summer seems to be flying by faster than we can imagine ... trying to hang on!


chris said...

I'd love to have you guys closer... The quilt is cool. Can't wait to see the pictures of the organized sewing room. I know what you mean about the summer flying by. Enjoy being with the kids, they grow soooo fast! It was great to see you all. Chrissy

Liz said...

Just found you through Crazy Mom Quilts...This wall hanging is very cool. I struggle with putting colors together, but it looks like you have no trouble at all. I love it.