Wednesday, September 9, 2009

back to school

Kiddos are back to school, and that's a good thing. See their smiles?

How 'bout this guy? After two days, he said that first grade is busy and tiring ... perfect for a six-year-old boy, eh?

When you're six, and your brother is 10 and a fifth grader, he's totally cool. I love the admiration in the little guy's face. You can buy that.
We're getting back into the routine ... soon, piano, flag football, tennis ... whew. I'm also getting a couple of hours at home before the kids come home, so more sewing should be getting done. This week: messenger bag for my daughter; three quilt backs; and finish the baby quilt (for a friend of my sister).
What are you doing this week?

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Anonymous said...

I can sense your smile!!!!!!!!