Sunday, September 13, 2009

michigan quilt network quilt show

I dropped by the Lansing Center to check out the Michigan Quilt Network's Show on Friday afternoon -- a little back-to-school treat for mom! Here are a few of the quilts I saw there:

I had to start with the winner -- awesome.

Since I can't grow flowers like these, maybe I could quilt them -- or just admire these!

Fall foliage.

This quilter said she did her quilt to increase her comfort with curves, and red. Mission completed!

Who doesn't love a little crazy quilt?

Thanks for dropping by to see the quilts with me! Check back later this week for some exciting news (okay, I think it's exciting!).


Anonymous said...

I have got to drag you to the Marshall Quilt Show next year. There are some awesome specimans that are just plain jaw dropping.


Carol Sc said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Along with Linda's, I feel like I was at the shows (instead of sewing like a mad woman on wedding quilt blocks.)