Monday, November 30, 2009

hot kitchen looks ... aprons a-plenty

You don't have to know how to cook to appreciate an apron ... they're fun and flirty and super cute to boot (totally didn't try to rhyme that, just a bonus that it does)!
These aprons will be with me at the Ascension Parish Craft Show in Oak Park, Ill., this Saturday, Dec. 5 (stay away snow!!!). My sister is a member at Ascension and generously signs me up to do this show ... explaining that 'we have lots of new stuff.' (Side note: she doesn't sew.)
Some of these aprons will be available at Vintage & Vogue in LeRoy, NY, the home of Jell-O and my hometown. (Don't ask which ones will be where because although it was straight in my mind at one time ... 'tis no longer.)


Chris said...

Good luck Saturday!! They look great. Are those tomato cages hiding under those aprons?

Carol Sc said...

Looks like you've kept that sewing machine humming! ...and an apron to fit anyone's taste. Hope you have success and enjoy your trips (family going, too?).

Linda said...

They look great!!!!!!!!!