Saturday, November 14, 2009

lemoyne star quilt

This quilt is already old -- it was started in, okay I can't really remember, but the blocks were my second and third in Ruth's Block Exchange. The first year, members put together the LeMoyne star blocks, and the second, they did the setting stars (they made four because they were so simple). There are about 24 more setting stars that I'm using for a wall hanging.
This quilt has been together for more than a year and I finally took it to my friend Nancy to have it quilted. She hit this one out of the park. Not only did she use two different colors of thread, but she 'popped' those little stars out with some quilting around them. She is a superstar and continues to make my quilts beautiful.
It's not bound yet. We took the pictures because I'm afraid that at any second the snow could start to fly.
This one's going to someone very special ... I can't tell who because I know she reads this.


Ruth said...

this quilt is spectacular! I love seeing how the quilts from Block Exchange turn out. And the quilting is remarkable. Absolutely gorgeous!

Linda said...

Your machine quilter did a great job on this. Somebody is lucky to get this one!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful quilt & I'm proud to be represented in it:)

Carol Sc said...

Wow! We do some pretty spectacular blocks --- and you did a great job putting them together. The lovely quilting is the cherry on top of the ice cream! A lucky recipient!

Chris said...

That someone special is very lucky. Love the colors and the quilting is beautiful.

Cyndee said...

Wow! It looks beautiful and love the quilting too. I think Nancy does a good job. I might have to give her a call. Whoever gets it is sure a lucky person.