Thursday, November 12, 2009

off the hook

I'm taking an hour or so to be off the hook today and here's why:
1) We just finished a project at work that no one wanted to do, and no one loved, but we did it well and it's done;
2) I've become infected with the cold my kids and hubby had and can't breathe through my mouth (it's totally hot, I know);
3) It's pizza night, so I'm off the hook for dinner.
4) Our house needs a cleaning overhaul that's being started tomorrow (when all overwhelming projects should be started); and finally,
5) I'm relishing in the delight that these quilts are done!
The blue one I started at Quilt Retreat II, my first retreat. It's a combo of Amy Butler fabrics and some others. It started as a yellow brick road pattern, but I got carried away cutting or sewing or both and ended up with too many of one block and not enough of another. So it goes ... I sewed the rest of what I had together and here it is ... I love the back too. (This one's going to my sister, who never reads this blog -- for a special prize.)
I started the red and green one a LONG time ago and was decorating our bedroom around it. I've been through a few re-decorates since then and am back in love with this quilt. It's a four-patch on point and is square (my friend Nancy who quilted these on her long arm said so, not me). Not bad, eh?
Next up, getting a list of quilts that I want to do written down so I don't get distracted by other projects ... who me distra ...


Anonymous said...

What a great place to photograph your quilts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol Sc said...

Let me know how that not being distracted works? Great quilts --- congratulations on their completion!

Chris said...

Hope you are feeling better. Love the quilts.