Friday, June 18, 2010

bags of the week

I made two more bags this week. Both for people at my kids' school who saw the ones I made for teachers. The red and yellow is Heather Bailey's Pop Garden with some graduated blue polka dots. It's a pattern that I've made a few times before and will be used, in this instance, as a sewing bag.

 The blue and orange is for a woman who's a big Detroit Tigers fan.
After this picture, I added a belt because she wanted some "bling." I liked it better without the bling.

And, here's the latest addition to my fabric family. It's monaluna's Circa 50, 100% organic. Purchased for several reasons, the most rational of which is that I intend to use it in a quilt to be gifted to a family member.

Bags on the docket next week:
1 Diaper Bag
Several quilt blocks for Ruth's Block Exchange for which I am miserably behind

1 comment:

Chris said...

Awesome fabric. Nice job on the bags, the teachers are going to love them. I like the new banner. Can't wait to see the diaper bag!!!