Sunday, June 27, 2010

purse emergency

My friend, Iris, had a purse emergency this week. Her purse broke and she needed a new one, with a zipper. The emergency alone would've moved her to the head of the pack, but she pays cash, so that worked too.

Adding a zipper to this style was new for me and I didn't think about the handles until I had the outside done and the zipper in. No way was I going to take that sucker out. I used a couple of "D" rings for the handles.

Fabric is Woodland Delight by Paula Prass.

And, for a little fun, I added a zipper flower.
I've been meaning to try one of these since I saw them on tops in the mall.
Turns out they're super easy. I made it as a pin and pinned it on with a safety pin so she can move it around.

The diaper bag is done. Will post tomorrow!


Angie said...

Very pretty! Great choice of fabrics.

Carol Sc said...

D rings was a great solution! Sometimes those "dead ends" result in some creative answers to the problem. I haven't seen the zipper flowers --- result of not walking the mall, I guess --- rick rack and wire ribbons would work, too. Hope we see you tonight.

Paula Prass said...

Yes, great choice of fabrics, hee, hee.
Thanks for leaving the message on my blog about the E Lansing house on Butterfield. Are you serious that you drive by there? Small, small world, isn't it?