Saturday, July 10, 2010

camera strap

Since we're going on a trip and my intention is to take a TON of pictures, so it better be comfortable.

It's a combo of Michael Miller and Anna Maria Horner fabrics that I purchased as a pack and have been dying to use. I didn't follow the directions very well (not shocking to anyone who knows me), so after I quilted the front (which I expected to be the front and back) and realized it wasn't wide enough
to sew and turn, so I added a back and sewed it up.

I love that it's not too girly, so it won't look weird if my husband's using the camera.

I'll be posting infrequently, if at all, over the next couple of weeks due to vacation
and a major work project after vacation.

1 comment:

Carol Sc said...

So, is your major work project one that has quilting/sewing involved? Enjoy your vacation --- love the camera strap!