Friday, July 30, 2010

Improv(E) Your Butt Challenge

Sew Katie Did and her friend Jacquie have started a challenge for those of us who sit ... a lot. Since I'm one of those people, I joined. Plus, it's a good way to track what we're doing.

So, here's what to do ... set your goal for the week and once you've reached that goal for the week, take that many pieces of fabric and improv some blocks. I have NO idea what I'll do with 10 pieces of fabric (we're talking scraps here) a week. But I do have lots of scraps and a ton of patterns, so I'm sure I'll come up with something.

To join, head over to Sew Katie Did's blog post and read up on it. Join this site and send Katie your info for it. She and Jacquie are keeping track of team 'quilter butts,' and it's pretty impressive so far ... almost 400 miles in four days.

For those of you who already do stuff -- like bike, run, walk and swim -- it's a great way to see progress on a map.

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Chris said...

congrats on moving more. I joined the gym and try to get there at least 4 days a week. Your fabric arrived and it is so pretty, I love the colors. Now, what do I do with them? Keep me posted on what you create with your scraps.