Thursday, July 1, 2010

owly drawstring bag

My daughter serves as my tester for several bags. She also loves fabric. When I saw this cute owl fabric by Amy Schimler, I knew it would be a really cool bag for Ana.

The pattern is Chelsea by Venezie Designs. It calls for fusible fleece, which I almost never use. I used some interfacing instead. It finished a little bigger than I thought, but I still like it. Next time, I'll pull the tunnels for the drawstrings down a little bit more.

No pictures of Ruth's Block Exchange because I forgot my camera, which would have been the biggest deal if it weren't for the fact that when I got home, my husband was at the emergency care with our six-year-old, who thought it would be funny to put one of those arts and crafts pom-poms up his nose and blow it out.

Didn't work out quite the way he planned ... it got stuck.

A pair of long tweezers later and he was good to go. I think he learned his lesson, though, because he told me that the doctor said only fingers up your nose. Good advice.

We hand-dyed fabric last week and will post pictures soon.

Also, come back for a give-a-way this weekend!


Chris said...

Ana is sure lucky, the owl fabric is cute. Nice job on the bag. What was Thomas thinking.... glad to hear everything came out okay!!

Red Fish Circle said...

Love it!!