Saturday, July 3, 2010

prairie rose by fig tree & co.

Originally, I cut this bag out for my sister-in-law, Lauren, for her birthday. That was in May. Now, I know there's nothing that says I can't give it to her ... but we're going on vacation, and I was thinking this would be a really cute purse that will fit all my stuff, without being a huge bag. Besides, it definitely needs to be 'tested.'

So, Lauren, looks like you're outta luck for now (I'm sure she hates it anyway).

The pattern is Prairie Rose by Fig Tree & Co. It's supposed to have a ruffle around the flap, but I'm not really a ruffle-y kinda girl, so I ditched it.

Fabric is Joel Dewberry (upholstery weight) and lining is Patty Young's Mezzanine.

Have a great day!


Carol Sc said...

I love these fabrics --- are you buying online? Hope you have a relaxing vacation --- I'm sure the bag will help!

joanna said...

Love your bag. Think it might be more "me" without the ruffle too even though I designed it with the ruffle in the first place.

So glad you enjoyed the pattern,

Fig Tree

mckeer said...

Oooo, Ms. beanie g., I'm sure you wouldn't want to accidentally give your sister-in-law a flawed bag, so it'll need some more testing just to be sure after your vacation. I'd be happy to be the next guinea pig for you. :-)