Friday, October 29, 2010

at the edge ... and a winner!

I've been saving selvages or selvedges for a while now, not really knowing what I'd do with them. There are cool patterns all over the Internet about what to do with them, but I have yet to find one that I absolutely love.

Of course, Venezie Designs is doing a cool selvages for fabric exchange. So I'm thinking about doing that. I had to transfer these suckers into this plastic container (formerly home to a very large zoo of animal crackers) because I was running out of room in the box I had them in previously. That may be the sign that it's time to do something with these, eh?

And, to our winner, generated #4 ... the winner is Rebecca. So, if this is the Rebecca I think it is, I'll save the postage and bring them to you on Monday. If your name is Rebecca and you're #4 but I don't work with you, e-mail me your address and I'll send out the charm packs.

Have a happy Friday!


Hi! I'm Lisa said...

One of the Sunbonnet Sue's has a great tote bag she made out of selvages. I have a handful more if you need them. Sorry I didn't win but thanks for the give-away.

Rebecca said...

Hi, Eileen, yes, you work with the Rebecca who is #4. Thank you thank you! I'll have some extra chocolate ready for you on Monday. ;-)

(I'm #4! I'm #! That may be the highest I've ever been rated in anything.)

Linda said...

Someone did placemats on another blog - sewed and turned on backing, then bound it in an oval.........easy peasy!!!