Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Habitat for Humanity and 100th post

My friend Cindy is on the local board of Habitat for Humanity. They're having a big benefit dinner at the end of the month. During the dinner, they're auctioning off some small art quilts to raise even more money. The above quilt is my contribution to the cause.

I was pretty excited to use the Tufted Tweets fabric ... because, generally speaking, it's awesome. The background fabric is a recycled dress whose zipper broke (it may have had some more help). Although I intended to replace the zipper, after doing the math (time it takes to take the zipper out + time it will take to eventually get to it = not gonna happen). It's brown linen. By the way, I used this awesome new thread called Aurifil (maybe you've heard of it, I hadn't). It was great to work with! Like butter, even better!

I added a couple new aprons to my etsy shop. I'm getting used to working with it, and sold a bag already. I gave away those diaper bags, and sold a few more (which haven't been made yet).

Incidentially, today is my 100th post. I'm thinking that a celebratory give-a-way is in order, eh? We'll do it next post ... end of the week!


Ruth said...

Love it, Eileen! Perfect fabric for Habitat ... and I love the birds, of course. :)

Carol Sc said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the equation on taking out and putting back in the zipper --- who knows how many times I have done that?!...and I rarely came up with your answer! Great quilt and I like the color combinations --- I have to finish mine SOON!!