Sunday, January 9, 2011

a girl and her quilt

In an earlier post, I showed the quilt for my friend Mary's daughter, Stella. This is Stella with her quilt.

If there's a way she could be cuter, you'll have to tell me, because I'm not sure what it is!

I love that her skirt, tights and shoes are all together. 

Wouldn't you wear skirts a lot more if they were all attached to each other? I would.

Next up: 2011 quilting goals. What are yours?


Ruth said...

Darling! Maybe you can promote the adult one-sie!

My quilting goals for 2011 are to get some of my current projects finished. I hope to finish my 2010 block exchange quilt "Sadie & Dora" in time to be able to show it at Sauder this year.

Mary said...

Stella loves her quilt! It's also serving as the inspiration for her soon-to-be redecorated girl room! :)

Wendy said...

Oh what a gorgeous little girl! Set off by the beautiful quilt of course!