Saturday, January 8, 2011

resolve for the new me-year

Okay, so slow start to the new year, acknowledged.

This year, I'm making no resolutions to do more, buy less, etc.

I'm resolved to make this year about me.

Sounds pretty selfish, right?

I turn 40 this year ... yep, the big 4-0.

In honor of me, my forty years and all that,

I'll be working to make sure I'm the person I should be, want to be and like to be.

I'm resolving the following:

To smile and laugh more (so I can have great smile lines on my face).

To take care of myself (so I can meet my grandchildren, or at least see my kids move out).
To work on projects that I love, for people I love (and for some I don't know that I love yet).

To love my family while they're here.

What are you resolved to do in 2011? 

PS This fabric arrived in the mail this week (because I ordered it). 

Nest by Valori Wells will go for my block in Ruth's Block Exchange.

Denyse Schmidt Hope Valley and Kona Solid Fat Quarter Pack was just so awesome that I couldn't resist.

 Both are from sewfreshfabrics.


ltg said...

I like the new look! And though I think you are fabulous just the way you are...I agree with the resolutions and hope to do some of the same.

Ruth said...

40? I'm still telling people that you're in your 20's when asked the age range of block exchange quilters.

I'm with you on resolving to be the person I should be, want to be, and like to be. 2011 is going to be great!

Phyllis said...

Great resolutions and good for you. Happy 2011.