Saturday, April 2, 2011

disney's prom ... can suck it

Occassionally, I use this space to talk about people, places and things that in some way push the edges of my emotional envelope (let's face it, the edges are usually pretty frayed and the envelope's not really that big, so I tend to do this a lot).

The latest discussion in our house: Disney's soon-to-be-released movie, Prom.

For the record, I've been to Disney, on a Disney cruise (although I've paid for neither myself) and am the parent in our house who thinks we should go back. And, another note for the record, I loved high school and had way too much fun there.

Back to this ill-conceived, idiotic movie. Correct, I am not giving it a chance. And here's why:

This movie has been advertised non-stop on the stupid Disney channel (hey, I'm in marketing, I'd do the same thing) to my 10-year-old daughter. And when she saw the trailer at another movie, my husband told me her eyes got all starry and she said: "I want to go to that."

He wasn't sure if she meant the movie or the actual prom. (Houston, we have a problem.)

Seriously? Why on this freaking Earth would I EVER let her go to either???

Don't get me wrong, I know prom a celebration and should be fun. I don't disagree. Hell, I went to a couple proms (and so did my husband, though we didn't go together, whew).

Having only seen the trailers -- which continue with a phrase that makes me, and everyone else who took high school English a little nervous ("Who are you going with?" Um, hello, isn't that word still a preposition? And aren't you supposed to NOT end sentences with a preposition?) -- and assuming there might be some actual meat in the plot, (okay, giant leap, I know) I know I'm jumping to conclusions.

I assume that there's way more emphasis put on who's going to the prom with whom than the latest round of college acceptances. I assume more appointments for up-do's, manicures and pedicures have been made than appointments will college or high school counselors. I assume there are plans for limos, dresses that are way out of price ranges for some families and other things that I won't talk about just in case my 10-year-old actually reads this.

I assume, based on one trailer in which a character actually said: "Prom, it totally makes or breaks your high school career."

Really? Does it?

Four, sometimes three or five, years all wrapped into a few hours, when everyone gets all dressed up, makes, or worse, breaks your high school career?

How about the 40 hours a week you spend in class? How about the additional hours you spend studying (okay, maybe not)? How about the hours you spend in the gym, the pool, the court perfecting your sport or craft, knowing that once you walk out those doors, the chances you'll play competitively again are gone? How about the friendships, hours on the phone, sleeping (or not) over at each other's houses, and yep, even texting each other?

No worries, I have no intention of being the mom who tells my 17-year-old daughter, or sons, that they can't go to prom. By that time, they hopefully won't romanticize it or entertain the notion that this is a 'make it or break it' night. It's another event in life's calendar.
I guess I'm just not willing to let Disney send my 10-year-old a message that she should be looking forward to prom now. Or her four years of high school can be condensed into four or five hours when she's wearing a fancy dress with an up-do.

They're the slowest and shortest four years of your life, riddled with more ups and downs than any of Disney's amusement parks, and, not everyone wants to live them over again.


ltg said...

couldn't agree more...amen to that sister! The Princess attitude leaves our girls in this weird no man's land of be pretty, but smart and athletic and everything else while your at it. It's the Grease attitude..."what's on the outside counts" and when you finally figure out how to make yourself pretty enough you'll find your man., when you finally find a guy that loves you for what you got no matter what good and bad...that's when you've found your guy. Richer and poorer, sickness and health you want a great person not a prince.

Cyndee said...

Back in the late 70s I was on our Prom committee and helped with all the plans for the prom, decorations, DJ, theme, sold tickets etc, but I never got asked to the prom. It is something that stays with you forever. I consider it the highest form of rejection. Over the years proms have become almost as over the top as weddings.

Linda said...

I went to the prom with a really nice guy - and married him 3 years later...... Prom was sooooo over-rated, tho.