Sunday, June 26, 2011

modern barn quilt paint along (minus the barn) ... swoon

I love the new Swoon pattern by Camille Rosekelley. And I bought it.
In fact, my plan is to make it and put the finished quilt on my bed.

However, sometimes two events (or several more) converge and don't
allow you to get a lot of sewing done. (Procrastination, sunny day, kid stuff, summer.)

So, you join in on the Modern Barn Quilt Paint Along with Heather Jones.

Because you need one more thing to do (TOTALLY WORTH IT)!

I recently received a late birthday gift and it's in my family room with my red couch,
so I figured these colors would go perfectly to tie the elements together.

Plus I'm not sure I'll get buy in to repaint the entire room (built-ins and all) from my husband.

Not surprisingly, the hard part was really the math ... how big is the board? How many squares (bah, squares) ... Good to know I'm consistently challenged by the same thing, eh?

The entire project took several hours (because I was working on three boards
simultaneously) more on that later.

But I'm very pleased with the results.

And, it's swooning in the family room already!


Carol Sc said...

Very cool! ...and I so remember the summer days of "getting lots done" plans gone awry!

Camille said...

Oh my goodness, I love it!! I want that hanging in my house too!