Thursday, July 28, 2011

modern barn quilt paint along

Thanks to Heather of Olive and Ollie for hosting the Modern Barn Quilt Paint Along.

She featured a bunch of people who painted blocks.

Nice to be in such great company. Check out Heather's post here.

These are the other two blocks that I worked on.

It was never my intention to do more than one but after sending my husband to the home improvement store, he came home with a 24X48 piece of plywood. Seems they don't sell those suckers in squares.

Then, we removed a shelf from our closet to make room for more hanging clothes.

Guess what size that shelf was? Yep, 24X24 (roughly) plus it was a nice heavy piece of wood.

So the red and gray is for my mom. I completely forgot to bring it the last time I drove there, so I'll either have to bring it to our vacation, or the next time we head east. I'm not mailing that thing.

The more modern, colorful one is my experiment. Although I love color and use it pretty liberally, I'm still working on 'wonky' (and by wonky I mean purposeful wonky,
not the usual wonky that happens just because I got distracted, or whatever).

Hope your day is great. Thanks to Heather for coordinating this.
Someday, I'm making the trip to Cincinnati and taking a class from that woman, she rocks.

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Carol Sc said...

You're getting that "wonky" look down --- funny how one thing leads to another, leads to another, leads to another --- sometimes difficult to get back to the beginning.