Friday, July 8, 2011

We ARE doing it! Skill Builder Sampler

Although we're doing this long-distance, my mom and aunt and I are having a good time comparing notes on the We Can Do It! Skill Builder Sampler by Leila at Sewn.

These are our second blocks, pretty straighforward. I admit, I had to rip out a seam because I got it wrong ... I suppose I chalk that up to skills too right?

Chrissy's is the first, my mom's is the second and mine is the third one.

The third block is churn dash, which is my mom's all-time favorite (wonder how many
times she'll have to tell me that before I make her a quilt in it?).

Chrissy's is the first, mine second. Still working on getting a photo of my mom's,
maybe some handy-dandy Skyping will get a photo of it.

Chrissy took a shot of all her blocks together. She's good like that.

Hope your summer's going swimmingly well and is relaxing ... still waiting for the latter here!

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