Thursday, September 29, 2011

ruth's block exchange 2011: part 3 wrap up

This is part 3 of Ruth's Block Exchange 2011 Wrap Up.

These blocks are Carol's. Not difficult to make, a lot of pieces and a cool idea for sashing, no?
(see the piano keys at the top?)

Carol always has a great block for us, must be the teacher in her.
She knows more about sewing than anyone I know.

In fact, I bought my sewing machine from her. I use it all the time
and have only recently thought of replacing it (shhhh, don't tell the machine).

This one is Linda's. It's almost all together.
We made blocks from four batiks and some black squares.
It's a super effect, and the stars really pop out.

I think Linda should call this one 'Almost Amish.'
It has that Amish quilt feel to it (and is likely the closest
thing she'll ever make to an Amish quilt).

These are a few of Bonnie's blocks. The entire quilt will be very scrappy.
Of course she has more blocks, but we used these since she couldn't make the meeting.

Lisa's quilt is a Christmas quilt (obvious? maybe).
We each made two of these churn dash with a star inside blocks.

They're 8.5 inches finished, which means that the four star points are 1.5 inches square.
That is small.
And, not my favorite thing to do: work with teeny pieces.
However, this block was pretty easy and could be set on point as well.

Lisa's plan is to use the Grinch panels combined with the churned stars.
I'm sure it will be very cool, very much like the quilter Lisa.

This concludes part 3 of Ruth's Block Exchange 2011 Wrap Up.
Last part AND a give-a-way: tomorrow.

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