Friday, September 30, 2011

ruth's block exchange: part 4 (and a giveaway)


So this is the final part of Ruth's Block Exchange Wrap Up.

I don't think I had pictures of everyone's blocks (like I think I missed Roxie's).

This one is Ruth's. It's a Christmas quilt.
We made the square-in-a-square blocks, Ruth made the lighter ones.

I love block exchange for a million reasons:
I always end up making a quilt
(even if it's not for me, and, yes, 17 blocks IS a quilt ... or can be);

I love that it's a great chance to eat great food (of course we have a potluck)
and sometimes I even get there for dinner.

 I love that there are as many different quilters in our group as there are quilters in this world: appliquers, hand-sewers, machine sewers, people who like reproduction fabric, modern fabrics, arty quilters, traditional ... everything. I love that whenever I have a question (mostly about quilting) but sometimes about kids, parenting or anything, I trust these women to give me answers ... and they do.

And, now, for the give-a-way:
I pulled fabrics (or similar fabrics) that I used in everyone else's blocks
(11 fabrics in all) and am giving them away.
The smallest piece of fabric is about 8X10," largest pieces are fat quarters.

Leave a comment on this post, and I'll pick a winner on Monday, Oct. 3.


Cecilia said...

I agree that it is great to have women you can ask for advise from. My guild is the same. Thanks for the giveaway.

beanie g said...

This is a test comment to see if this works.

Carol Sc said...

Hey --- I never want to miss a chance to get some fabric --- I am soooooo fabric deprived! ...and I have a bridge to sell! I really appreciate seeing all the pictures --- thanks for sharing them. (you know who I am, right?)

Wendy said...

I'd love to have some kind of sewing support group round here. Thanks for the giveaway, lovely fabrics!

Linda said...

pick me..........but I thought the give away would be your block exchange blocks!!!


Chrissy Z said...

The blocks are great. Can't decide on a favorite, but hopefully at 84 I will still be quilting. Thanks for the giveaway.