Saturday, December 3, 2011

first now + snow day

We had our first snow earlier this week and it lead to a day off of school thanks to so much snow.

As the two younger ones played outside in the snow at night, building a snowman,
laying on their backs looking up at the snow covered trees and anticipating a possible day off,
I thought about how we view the same things so differently.

My thoughts:
I hope the roads are good enough for Matt and Costa to get home from basketball practice. What if there is a snow day tomorrow, how are we going to swing that with work? Where are the #@$% snow pants, and aren't there ANY gloves that match in this house?
Maybe we can squeeze Thomas' foot into last year's boots, where are those boots?
Maybe they should come inside that snow looks like it's bending the trees,
what if a branch falls onto the house?
Or the kids in the backyard? I should heat the water for hot cocoa, did I buy hot cocoa?
Did Costa eat dinner before he went to practice?
Can I dry that Ana's new winter coat in the dryer,
probably should have checked that before I bought it.

Athough I didn't do any scientific research, I'm pretty sure my kids were thinking this:
This is AWESOME! Roll that giant snow ball over here!
We are definitely NOT having school tomorrow!
This is AWESOME!
I hope we have hot cocoa!
This is AWESOME!

I caught myself somewhere between the hot cocoa and snowpants thought (worry)
and looked outside at the beauty of the season. The waiting that we're doing right now.
And for a minute (maybe two) I did enjoyed the quiet that the snow brings,
okay, not in my backyard, but overall.

It was nice while it lasted
(until the next morning when I was shoveling 8 inches of snow out of the driveway).

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