Monday, January 16, 2012

eye chart

There are few people in this world for whom I would answer 'yes' to a
Dec. 5 text that says 'would you make Bill a quilt for Christmas?'

My sister is definitely one of them.
A new-found phenomenon, I'll admit, because when we were young I'd have stepped over her on the street (okay, maybe not, but I defintely would have pushed her down).

That's why kids grow up, so we can be best friends.
And so, I said of course I can make Bill (her fiancee) a quilt for Christmas.

Wait, Christmas 2011? Whoa.
We first had to decide on colors.

Orange. That's his favorite color.
Okay but the first fabric stack I showed her included orange, teal and gray.

Not working for her.
What was I thinking?

I did what any sister does. I called my mom.
'How about navy?' my mother suggested.
'Just like Syracuse.' I could hear her laughing.

And the Bears ... and Illinois ... and they live in Chicago.
I'm saying this aloud: My mother was right.

I started with this for inspriation: from Ashley's blog, but since the quilt was
 in fact for Christmas 2011, I cut some corners (or sashing).

My plan was to do an off-centered 9-patch with a large piece of the coordinating fabrics next to them.

That didn't work like I thought it would. It needed to be a queen-sized quilt.

Hmmm. Insert me doing math around midnight or maybe it was 1 a.m.
It wasn't really pretty: It involved a calculator and me thinking ... 'I'll just press the #@$% out of it.'
Yeah, that'll work.

Eventually, it DID work. And, although it's not yet quilted ... it will be soon ...
it's nearly done, and will only be six weeks late.

I'm dubbing it 'Eye Chart' since Bill is an optometrist and it reminds me of any eye chart.

Solids: Navy, not sure what, or who, my LQS had it available.
Couple others from my stash ...

Yes, it needs ironing (done).

This is one of my favorite fabrics. Bill loves fishing, and I thought this fit him pretty well.
I grabbed the measurements, so I'll post a tutorial on this pretty soon.


Linda said...

Love this.......very fresh, modern, etc......a job well done.......

Carol Sc said...

Good for you! Very neat quilt --- and I'm not telling my sisters about what you did --- don't want to give them any ideas!