hands around the christmas tree

These are the hands we've added to our Christmas tree skirt over the years. It's one of those things, not sure how I came up with it, or why, but I'm glad I did, especially this year.

I thought that this year the kids might balk at it, thinking that tracing their hand on Christmas fabric would be too dorky. I told them that if they wanted to stop doing it, they could.

They didn't, and I even let them choose out of the 'good' Christmas fabric.
(Really, what am I saving it for?)

I took some pictures of each kid's hand over the years to see how much they've grown.
It's absolutely incredible that we've been blessed with these happy, healthy children.

And, I'm looking forward to watching them grow in 2012.


Ruth said…
This is a lovely tradition!
Anonymous said…
So cool. Looks like you'll need to add a border soon.
What a neat idea. How wonderful your children are to have wanted to participate even when given the option not to. What a special Christmas decoration. love it.
Carol Sc said…
A way cool idea --- where were you 43 years ago, when I could have started this with my kids?!!...maybe the grands would consider it!

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