Monday, January 30, 2012

new machine

One of my goals for 2012 was to get a new machine.
Specifically, I was looking for a Janome. So I did a quick search 
Craigslist and found one.The owner (now former owner) 
was a lovely woman willing to part with this machine.
It's a Janome Quilter's Expression and is very easy to use.

Although I haven't spent a ton of time sewing on it (about 4 hours so far),
I really like it.With a 1/4-inch foot, I'm totally in business
(all the gals in my block exchange will be happy too).
It also came with a walking foot.

Probably the best thing is that I met another quilter, 
who obviously loves the craft and wants others too as well.

One resolution for 2012: check.
Thanks, Susan!


Carol Sc said...

While I am happy that my "old" machine served you so well, I'm glad you've found a good one to take its place. I've heard very good things about Janome machines, so I look forward to your evaluations --- I know you will give it a good workout!

Ruth said...

Congrats! Nothing so wonderful as a brand new sewing machine!

Linda said...

Have fun with it. Will you use all those stitches?????

Chrissy Z said...

Great looking machine. I love mine and I think you will love yours.
Now I need to get back to sewing.