Tuesday, January 3, 2012

organic bricks

This is one of my 2011 finishes
(doesn't matter when it was started, but I think it was 2010).
It's all done with Birch Fabrics, Circa 50's, an organic fabric.

It's also the first quilt that I quilted on a long-arm machine. My friend, Wendy, is an awesome long-arm quilter and when I asked to learn, she said yes. (She's an awesome friend too.)

Anywhoo, there aren't any puckers in the backing, which is good for the first time out.
I went with an overall loopy pattern (because it's all that's in my cadre of
long-arm quilt patterns that I can do myself).

I gave this one to another friend, Mary, whose friendship I would
certainly be the less without, and whose kids are
the cutest ever (her hubby's a peach too).

PS If you came here for the awesome photos, you're obviously lost. I didn't pay attention to light and shadow in photography class ... oh, wait, I didn't take a photography class!

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