Wednesday, February 1, 2012

block exchange swooning

I'm a participant in a cool block exchange group that I've blogged about MANY times before.

One of the reasons that I like it is that we meet in person. 
We share a meal. 
We laugh. 
We listen. 
We talk (there's a lot of talking).
We make each other's blocks.

This year, our group's organizer, Ruth, is moving to Minnesota.
It's her home.
It's a great opportunity.
It's near her family.
We'll miss her terribly.

And, although we will still meet in person, 
we are moving pictures and posts to an online home:

With some help from a little girl (who doesn't think she's little), 
we started a blog for the block exchange.

I've chosen to do my Swoon (Pattern by Camille Rosekelley) quilt as my block exchange this year,
not because I'm trying to torture people (I'm really not). 
But because I really want these blocks to get into wonderful quilts,
and that's all I ever get from my block exchange friends:
Wonderful quilts (and much, much more)!


Ruth said...

It is a lovely block! We'll have fun sewing it for you. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your block. I may make an extra one for myself.

Carol Sc said...

You've expressed it so very well. Thanks to both you and Anna for the vehicle by which we will stay connected to our dear friends, who have moved. ...and I know these blocks are going to make a very cool quilt!

Linda said...

You say it's your talent - writing........keep it up.
Block Exchange is special and so are the friends who make up the group.
Long Live B. E.!!!!

Chrissy Z said...

JEALOUS! Love that block. Can't wait to see them all done.