Thursday, February 2, 2012

oreo cupcakes

My husband  brought home a cupcake that looked like this (only it was wrapped in tin foil and looked as if he had tried to not let anything happen to it). It was delicious.

It probably helps to know that we're a pretty chocolate-loving family 
(except for my oldest, who'd rather eat chips ... I like chips too).

And, at our house Oreos are a staple.
Maybe if I didn't buy them, we wouldn't eat them. Bahhahha.

I set to the task of recreating the recipe (and I didn't even look on the Internet).

It was really easy.
To make these tasty treats, do this:
Mix up a chocolate cake mix as directed.
Have a kid in your house (or you) drop a full-sized Oreo into the bottom of each paper cupcake liner.
Put the cake batter in the cupcake liner as usual.
Bake normal time.
Make some type of white frosting (I made butter cream).
Crush up some mini-Oreos
(I guess you could use regular size, but we chose not to waste them like that).
Frost cupcakes.
Garnish with a teeny-tiny Oreo
(you know, the ones where you have to eat the whole bag).

This is what happened to them at our house:

We'll be making them for the Super Bowl this weekend.
(And, yes, we used Halloween cupcake liners in January. Better than Easter ones.)

What treats does your family enjoy for the Super Bowl?

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