Friday, April 20, 2012

walking to school

I asked if I could walk to school with my 8-year-old today.
"Of course, Mom, more company is ALWAYS better," he said.
He was walking with two of his friends who spent part of the morning with us.

Here's what I learned from three 8-year-olds on the way to school (and before):
Gloria's mom gives in when Gloria persists (that's not the word she used but it's what she meant)
... that's how come she has her ears pierced 
(and I thought I was the only mom who caved).

Wearing a giant cheesehead to school is NOT embarrassing or weird.
Admittedly, I didn't really even notice it but I'm thinking other parents might have.
Don't try to drop your kid off out of a car in front of a bus driver. 
She'll lay on the horn, which obviously doesn't effect the intended driver, 
just the poor saps walking right next to the bus. My ears are still ringing.

There were two sets of butterfly wings on the sidewalk.
I never would have noticed.

8-year-olds don't walk that fast. They walk backwards and in the grass. 
They pick up sticks and break them. 
Then leave them in the sidewalk so they can see if they'll be there tomorrow.
They plan Halloween costumes (yes, it's April) and 
wonder if squirrels there are only red and white squirrels in Indiana. 
And consider the possibilities of green and white squirrels in Michigan.
They talk the entire time, to me, to each other and to no one in particular. 
They sing, they dance, they fool around.
Today, they reminded me to walk a little slower.

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