Sunday, October 14, 2012

birthday blocks


Here's my latest finish ... It's a quilt for my 13-year-old. His birthday was in January, so technically, it's still the year he turned 13 ... He switched to a full-sized bed and really needed an upgrade.

 This isn't from a pattern. I drew it up and did it, so that makes it a custom quilt.
My friend, Wendy, did the quilting. She did an all-over geometric design. 
I love it. And, my 13-year-old loves it. 
Well, I assume he does because he hasn't complained about it.
I'm going with 'no news is good news here.'

 I put it on his bed (wacky picture, sorry) and this is probably the last time it will be all neat and nice. 
Note: Pictures strategically taken to avoid the piles of dirty laundry. Full disclosure, that may be why there are no pictures of a quilt on my bed ...


Wendy said...

What a fab quilt! It's perfect for a teenage boy

Ruth said...

Great quilt! Love the backing too!