Friday, November 2, 2012

tricks and treats, but mostly treats

Halloween is always fun, right?

We're at the point with our kids that Halloween is no longer about a quick trip around the block. There's strategy involved, mapping the best routes to make sure they get the best and most candy. If there's a pro in our house, it's my daughter. Since the age of 4, she's loved Halloween (seriously, people it's free chocolate and candy, what's not to love?). She would run between houses because, in her words: "You can get more candy." (Definitely my kid.)

This year, sans grown ups, she and three friends made it practically all the way around the neighborhood. Her feet were aching, but she definitely pulled in the biggest haul.

Not to be outdone, our youngest (who's creativity continues to stun me) and my husband (who knew?) put together the best costume ever completed in our house. They didn't have a pattern, though I think they used the internet for the ideas on the head ... the Lego guy was definitely the best costume. And some neighbors showed how much they liked it by giving him extra candy ... the ultimate confirmation of a great costume.

Although our oldest said he wasn't going out for tricks and treats, playing in basketball in the driveway while trying to avoid small monsters and princesses proved difficult at best. He and his friends caved. They wore masks, or in my son's case, a Santa hat, and went to a few houses.

Hope your Halloween was fun and safe.

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